A High School Student's Project

Have you ever thought about where eggs come from?

My Goals

Chickens Deserve to be Happy

Allowing Chickens to Live Naturally

I want my chickens to live in a naturalistic environment while still providing eggs for us. If humans have working rights, chickens should too! I also believe that there are better options than to kill hens once their egg production starts to drop, so I want to create a financial system where the younger chickens can lay enough eggs to provide feed for the older hens.

Unique Eggs

I was tired of seeing white and brown eggs in the supermarket. So I did some research and found out that there are chickens that lay blue, green, and even purple eggs, due to a gene intervention by a retro virus. This happened thousands of years ago. There are even eggs that are spotted! The color is only on the outside of the shell, but still, what a way to add color to your meal!


There are a lot of chickens and chicks out there that meet unhappy ends, or are suffering from bad caretakers. I want to educate more people about how chickens should be treated, and if that does not work, I am willing to take in chickens that don't have a place to go. I also rescue wild baby chicks that have gotten lost from their mothers or are sick and injured.

Here at Chicken Paradise Hawaii

It's Always Chickens First

Ever since that day I found my first hen, named Penguin, lying on the ground as a baby chick, I fell in love with chickens. I felt such a pain in my heart to find out that a large majority of egg producing factories are just terrible places for chickens to be. I promised to Penguin that I would never let her feel like the hens that are stuck in factories, and that I would rescue as many as I can.

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My First Hen
Leading Lady
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